We’re water-saving experts

We turn front and backyards into a beautiful haven with efficient irrigation systems that Californians love! In fact, during this water bill hike, we’re helping commercial and residential become properties into smart water consumers.

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Custom Designed Irrigation

A sprinkler system that is specially designed to work with your yard, using the latest water-saving technology so that water goes only where it needs to go.

Repairs and Replacements

Leaks and faulty equipment are the main sources of high water usage. Replace your current sprinkler heads and controls with water-efficient ones to see an immediate difference in your plants and in your water bill.

Water-Saving Landscape Options

Choosing drought-tolerant plants and landscaping with water consumption in mind are just two tools of xeriscaping — design with water needs in mind.  Turning Point can provide assistance and maintenance — so that you can enjoy your yard.

Our Services

residential irrigation services

California has generally had a problem with water, therefore, home owners are rightfully concerned with the state of water systems. We are water conscientious.

Irrigation Landscape services

Businesses have peace of mind with a care plan that keeps their irrigation and landscape beautifully manicured. Our approach is methodical but customizable.


Our Certifications

We have extensive training in water-efficient irrigation, reclaimed water irrigation systems, and landscaping techniques that will produce immense monetary savings, and give you a better bottom line in your budget.

As such, we have for over 20 years help pertinent certifications in order to provide attentive customer support and satisfaction.

Licenses and Certifications

Licensed State of CA Landscape Contractor #961167
Recycled Water Site Supervisor Training #4561
United Association Journeyman Irrigator #1476597

What Our Clients Say

You guys have been great and supportive. You have taken on the additional financial responsibility of insurance coverage. I have enjoyed the work you and your staff provide.

E C Client from North County San Diego

Highly recommend Jeff. He just did a major upgrade and retrofit for one of our properties and was spot on. Good operator, good man.

John A. Client from North County San Diego

I called Jeff in a panic at 4:30 on Good Friday due to a valve leaking. He not only took the time to help me, but also made sure that I had everything that I needed. So appreciative of his time and kindness to a crazy stranger calling in a time of need. Speaks a lot of how this company is run. Thank you again!!!!!!

Katie R. Client from North County San Diego

Some of Our Awesome Work

We are your one stop location for all of your irrigation needs, for both residential and commercial properties.