About Us

20+ Years of Expertise in Commercial and Residential Irrigation

Our History

For over 20 years, Turning Points Landscaping has been providing San Diego businesses and residents with formidable irrigation systems and attentive customer service. We’ve seen it all and done it all. We handle customers emergencies with urgency and swift resolution.
Jeff Di Sabatino, a native San Diegan, drives the company with 3 core values:

We provide all Solutions under one Roof

Friendly customer service staff for your all questions!

Why Choose Us

Excellent Service

Our customers have expectations that we never fail to meet. We are meticulous and invest time in answering every call.

Quality And Reliability

Many of our new customers come via referrals, which speaks to high level of customer satisfaction with the work we perform.

Quick Response

We understand the frustration and costly emergencies our customers have to deal with. A fast response sets us apart.


We always work from a clean stand-point and leave no mess behind. Our landscaping experience plays a huge part in providing a clean area.

Our Dedicated Team

Jeff Di Sabatino

Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne Di Sabatino

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Helper Officer

Turning Point makes WaterSense in Southern California

Jeff has over 20 years experience with irrigation and water issues, including setting up and maintaining reclaimed water irrigation systems.

Jeff is QWEL (Quality Water-Efficient Landscaper) certified through the San Diego County Water Authority, an elite certification that few area landscaping businesses hold. Because of this, Jeff and his team can develop irrigation systems for your property that will help you save water — so you can relax when the water bill comes.

Jeff is a C-27 licensed landscape contractor, fully-versed in the preparing, installing, and caring for public or private landscaping projects. He can take care of whatever you need.