Hunter WiFi Smart controller installed by tuning point landscape services

How smart controllers reduce water bills

With Southern California weather warming up, Turning Point Services is helping home owners and businesses reduce their water bills with smart controllers.  It’s without a doubt time to start thinking about your irrigation system.

We’ve had limited rainfall in the last couple of years which makes us have to rethink about how we water our landscapes.  According to some experts we are currently in a drought and although we had record rainfall and snow in December, it still has not made up for the drought.

Mandatory water restrictions have gone into place as of January 15 and will stay in place for one year.  Those restrictions include not watering lawns for two days after rain or having sprinkler water run off onto sidewalks.

That brings us to the Smart Controller systems.  They are being used more often and Turning Point Landscape Services is the irrigation business that can help you implement this.

How Smart Controllers work

The use of Smart irrigation controllers increases the efficiency of your irrigation system.  This is done by utilizing the information from local weather stations.  It takes that information and compiles it daily and makes the adjustments to your irrigation system as needed.

  • Rain?  Your Smart Controller will stop your sprinkler system from running.
  • Too dry?  Your Smart Controller will turn your sprinklers on for the appropriate amount of time.

You can operate your irrigation system from your phone and use it like a handheld remote.  If you’re miles away from home or sitting in your house you can check any pertinent information about your irrigation system.

Most Smart Controllers are becoming easier to set up.  However, there is a little bit of a learning curve to operate them and become efficient in using them.  This is where Turning Point Landscape Services can help you.  In just a short time Turning Point Landscape Services can effectively program and install your Smart Controller for you.

hunter smart controller

You no longer need to worry about your sprinklers turning on while it is raining.  Your Smart Controller does that for you and gives you comfort in knowing you’re helping conserve water.

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